Beatitudes | Day 5

Beatitudes | Day 5

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

As someone who has been victimized before, I get to talk with many other women who have been victimized. Every time, I do, if they know anything about the Bible they know this verse. They are focused on the person(s) who victimized them to be held accountable, and they are looking for righteous justice. I totally get their feelings, but this verse is not talking to those who have done wrong against us, it is talking about seeking out righteousness in our own heart. 

In our organization we talk about the V in DIVAS Impact standing for being VICTORIOUS. Being victorious does not mean we are immune from bad things happening to us, but it does mean that we have ability to hold true to our virtues in spite of them. One thing I have learned on my journey to healing from my attack was that I am responsible for how I choose to live my life after the attack. For me, I carried several things from the attack with me. Fear, anger, bitterness, insecurity, and a self-righteousness. Once I walked thru my healing from my attack, I began to follow my moral compass back to find myself and who I was created to be. As a matter of fact, although I had the dreams of starting DIVAS Impact years earlier, I did not have a clear enough vision for it until I walked through my own journey of healing. 

What was the difference? First it started with a series of forgiveness, of people who I felt had wronged me. Believe it or not, if you have been victimized you not only blame the person who did the act, you start blaming others around the act. As you move forward years down the road, you find it easy to place blame on others for your life not going the way it should. The first step was forgiving myself, and then my attacker. These were both huge for me, have you ever heard the phrase unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies? Here is a sad reality, there were so many times I was so miserable in my own skin, although I never was suicidal, I would not have been upset to merely slip away. 

Why am I telling you all this? Because I feel there is someone out there that needs to hear this. You may have had something terrible happen to you, but you can choose to live a life free from it re-victimizing you every day. You have to seek a righteousness that is more than vindication it is restorative and will re-ignite the passion for life you had before the trauma. 

Daily DIVAS Challenge: 

  1. Choose to forgive those who have done you wrong
  2. Choose to forgive yourself
  3. Reach out to us if you would like to start the journey to be set free from your life’s trauma. (you can reach us at
Setting Yourself Free

Setting Yourself Free

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh;  and a time to dance; … “

As a woman, you are well aware of life’s seasons. You have evolved from young girls to teenagers to women. You have been daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, and through it all, most of you at one point, have had jobs and careers. You have been employees and employers.

Let’s face it ladies, we wear many hats and we are multitaskers. Women are truly amazing creatures. Often selfless, we tend to try to please everyone but ourselves. We strive to over-achieve in every part of our lives. And somewhere in the middle of all of this chaos, we begin to question ourselves. Am I happy? Am I really accomplishing anything? Am I really in the best work-life situation?

Women are not quitters and we all strive for that sense of achievement that pushes us to do our very best work. However, if you are in a season where you are questioning your worth, where you are feeling overwhelmed or invisible, perhaps it is time for you to make a change. In truth, you can’t pass along beams of sunshine to others unless you are also soaking up that sunshine. Do you ask yourself every day, “Do I really have to go to work today?” Does the thought of one more day at work make you sick to your stomach?  Would you be happy if your boss fired you tomorrow?

Because we don’t always like change, and we tend to become complacent with our present situations. Unfortunately, this masks our passions and limits our impact and influence on those around us and on ourselves. Maybe you have an idea in the back of your mind about doing something on your own. Scary? Yes! And so we keep on putting up with the stress and aggravation.

But one day, you begin to sense that you are in a season to grow … to plant … to be free! Free to think outside the box and put your hopes and dreams out there for the world to see.  And looking forward, you begin to ask questions of yourself. Where am I going? Where do I want/expect to be in six months or a year? Do I have the stamina or the drive to become and entrepreneur? You suddenly get it – you are no longer an employee! Suddenly, there is no BOSS of you; you are the BOSS of you!

As a woman, you still have kids to deal with, carpools, proms, homecomings, a husband, and obligations. Life in general is still a factor. Even so, because you feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders, you feel like a warrior and you are capable of doing anything. You are WOMAN! And you future is going to be filled with amazing things.

You are entering a new chapter of your life where the excitement of fresh ideas will lead you down new trails of discovery. You have come to a place of readiness to explore all the marvels the future holds. And as you walk boldly and confidently toward your new calling, you will have the ability to inspire other women so they can believe there is something more out there for them too.

Now that you are FREE, you can take the time to explore all the people and things that inspire you, and in return, you can lift up and inspire others. You have become a woman who walks in victory and you want other women to also walk in victory.  And in doing so, you and those around you have learned how to be accountable for yourself and you know how to surround yourself with good “Accountable Partners.”

By setting yourself free, you have a complete understanding of sisterhood and what it means. And you are willing to teach others to be good sisters too. Building teams of strong, confident women enables us all to achieve strength and reach heights we never would have reached without faith and belief in one another.

Freedom has delivered you into a season of love, healing and peace. Go forward now and dance!

To learn more about setting yourself free and making an impact, be sure to listen to Warrior Divas, Episode 2 available Online at

Beatitudes | Day 4

Beatitudes | Day 4

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5 

A friend who has been reading the Daily DIVAS was giggling yesterday when she asked me “what do you have to say about the meek, you are anything but meek!” I knew she was right, at least the way most of the world sees me. As a strong and confident woman, I have been called intimidating and unapproachable. Once I knew others saw me that way, I did not stop being strong and confident, but I became more cognizant of where my weak points are. 

Can I be transparent with you for a minute? When most of you see the strong and confident person, I am 90% of the time, there are a few trusted people who have seen “behind the curtain”. While, I can step on a stage and speak and engage with an audience and have a fabulous time because I am in the fullness of what I was created to be. What you don’t see is, how humbled and submissive I am before all of that takes place. I am not the girl who goes out and asks people to let me speak on their stage. While I love promoting others, I have a huge reservation promoting myself, not because I will do a horrible job, but because I am still so humbled by what I get to do! 

Recently I have been called an expert, guru, and influencer and you would think that a girl who calls herself DIVA would be comfortable with that. However, I look around at so many out there using those same titles who are overpromising, underdelivering and price gouging their clients all while talking about how great they are so people will throw money at them. While they are being loud and obnoxious, I am committed to be the quiet storm, stay the course, and add value to my sphere of influence. 

My response to my friend was that I believed that we could be strong, confident and still be meek. Knowing that any success I have is only because of the doors that have opened for me and my obedience to step through them. 

Daily DIVAS Challenge: 

  1. Do you believe you can be strong and confident as well as meek?
  2. What areas of your life are you meek? 
  3. Who is a meek person you admire? 
Beatitudes | Day 3

Beatitudes | Day 3

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4

Unlike yesterday’s verse, I can totally relate to this one. 

It has been a rough year. The loss of family on my husband’s side, started us off; losing 3 of my husband’s aunts. Then between my husband and I we have lost 3 friends within a month of each other. 

What I have come to realize is each loss has hit us a little bit differently. How we mourned and how we have grieved has been in direct proportion to how we felt and loved the person we lost. Pay attention it did not say how much we loved them but HOW we loved them. I have learned that there is not a “normal” way to mourn, there is just mourning. The feelings, the emptiness, the rhythm that is missing because of the loss plays differently for each one. 

You may be out there grieving a loss today, and people are telling you all the things you need to be doing to move through the steps of grief. I want you to know that it is ok, to just rest in the Lord and let Him provide comfort and peace for you during this time. It is his promise to you and it is not contingent on you checking things off of a grief checklist. So today just be comforted that God has you, and your grief and He wants to comfort you! 

Daily DIVAS Challenge: 

  1. Trust that God can and will provide comfort
  2. Read this verse over and over until you receive it
  3. Reach out to someone grieving today and just let them know you love them

Beatitudes | Day 2

Beatitudes | Day 2

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

As I was talking through this verse with a friend yesterday, I admitted I didn’t like this verse at all. I personally believe that this verse has been a primary catalyst to poverty mindset. When I don’t really believe that is what it is teaching at all. Being Poor in spirit, meaning your faith is low, and you may be down on your luck; but you are also in the greatest position for a supernatural miracle in your life. 

When I was little my mom was as frugal as she could be, to ensure we had what we needed. We had meals that even to this day are some of our favorite meals but back then, it was just my mom trying to stretch the family budget. Even with us living paycheck to paycheck, my parents still tithed and still made room in our home to bring in those who needed care. I woke up one night to see a strange woman sitting at our kitchen table eating. I later learned she was a homeless person my dad, who was a police officer, had brought home. My mom washed her clothes, gave her some more clothes, filled her belly and showed her compassion. 

I think my parents really understood why Jesus said “Blessed are the poor in spirit” and they decided the best way to honor Christ in their life was to be a blessing to those who are down on their luck. 

It is so easy to shift your gaze away from the homeless person on the street, or scroll on by your Facebook friends who are struggling with “their own” issues. What a shift we could make if we decided to be a blessing to those we see. 

Daily DIVAS Challenge: 

  1. Share with us what being poor in spirit means to you. 
  2. Share with us a time when you may have been poor in spirit and you received a blessing. 
  3. Be diligent to see your ability to make a difference today.