Cry out, “Save us, God our Savior; gather us and deliver us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name, and glory in your praise.” 1 Chronicles 16:35

I know many of us are feeling the heaviness of 2020, it has put a strain on people mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Add to that record weather events around the world, and here in the US we have the election to add to all the chaos. 

One of the things I have become more and more confident in this year is that absolutely no one, and nothing can bring peace to my spirit like the Holy Spirit can. On the days where I encounter people who are riddled with anger and spreading it out on everyone around them. I simply call on the Holy Spirit to keep me from reacting to them in the manner in which they engaged me.  

When I tune on the TV and I see hate being spewed by the political parties, I simply change the channel, and say the name of Jesus. 

Even in the middle of all that is going on around us, I am being mindful to be thankful. Thanking God each and every day for his blessings. Somedays the blessings I am thanking him for seem small other days they are huge blessings to me but probably would not matter much to others. The point is I am setting my intentions by being thankful. 

When David taught Asaph how to give praise to the Lord, it was because he needed them to set the intention for themselves and their leadership once David left them. 

Today I would love to remind you to set your intentions for how you are going to lead yourself and those you encounter by preparing your heart to be a thankful heart. A heart full of thanks has no room for hatred and resentment to reside.