Destiny Degradation

Destiny Degradation

Here at DIVAS Impact we have made a commitment to each of you to talk about the tough stuff. Not in a superficial or newsworthy stance, but from a place of bringing about change and healing. I have spoken many times about not being a feminist movement but a global surge to embrace our uniqueness thru our femininity. Right now, every time you turn on the news you hear about how women are being treated less than stellar by male counterparts. Yes, I realize that is a very mild statement for all that is going on but like I said I want us to dig deeper.

Many of you know that DIVAS in the name DIVAS Impact is an acronym for Destined, Inspired, Victorious, Accountable Sisters. What does our name have to do with all the daily breaking news stories about men who continue to degrade women?  It is a simple, domino effect of destruction that derails and/or degrades women to a point of being handicapped by the event instead of walking in the fullness of their destiny.

I wish I could say, I am just theorizing on this, but sadly, as a woman who worked in male dominated industries most of my life I have experienced Sexual harassment, and sexual advances many times. The harassment and the advances for me were the tip of the ice berg for a much bigger issue. We have spoken for years about pedophile predators grooming children, but now we are seeing grown men, who think because the women are “of Age” what they are doing is not considered the same thing.

Terms I have heard over the last few weeks sound very much like the same terms pedophiles use with children.

  1. If you tell anyone I will ruin you
  2. You know you like it
  3. It is our little secret

Each of these phrases chip away at the very thing women hold dear, safety and security. It is a manipulation of epic proportions and these men think that because the women are of consenting age that what they are doing is acceptable. They are narcissists who cant even believe that many women would have nothing to do with them without the threats to their future.

The bigger systemic issue are the women who have gone on from these incidents and made it to the top of their field, their planned destiny but they like a fraud. They are waiting for the next shoe to drop and for someone to come swooping in and scream FRAUD! This all leads into the domino effect I spoke of earlier. If you have experienced Destiny Degradation or Derailment, it is much harder to be inspired by the beautiful things of life because the innocence of your wonder has been violated. If you yourself cannot be inspired, it makes it more difficult to inspire others. If you have not faced the autrocities that have happened to you, you will never walk fully in Victory, and will not be effective in leading others to Victory. How can you hold others Accountable to stand strong to their ethical and moral code, if you have not had success in those areas. Finally, how can other women build trust with you, if you will not even trust yourself as we work to build a strong sisterhood of women linked arm in arm to handle the challenges thrown at us.

If you just read the previous paragraph and felt condemnation and rejection then please keep reading. You are not lost, we see you, we hear you, and we want God’s best for you! We do not see you as a fraud, we do not see you as a lost cause. What we see is a woman with a destiny and purpose who just needs sisters to join arms with her and walk with her to a place of victory!

Instead of focusing on the stories to these predatory men who were only interested in their wants and objectifying women. Let’s focus on the victory of women, lets share our stories of overcoming, and empowerment of ourselves and others.

Go ahead and share your #MeToo story, but share it from a point of victory, what you learned about yourself thru the process, and use the hashtag #DIVASRise because your Destiny will no longer be a Destiny of Degradation instead it will be a Destiny of Distinction.

I will share my #MeToo #DIVASRise Story over the weekend I cannot wait to hear yours as we build our sisterhood of DIVAS!

Angie Leigh Monroe
International Speaker, Acclaimed Strategist & Consultant


Angie Leigh Monroe is an International Speaker, Strategist and Consultant whose expertise guides people to identify and obliterate obstacles. Her innovate approach will ALIGN you with strategic partnerships, ACTIVATE your purpose and CALIBRATE your potential to encounter even more opportunities.

She a has founded:

D.I.V.A.S. Impact  – A Global movement the change the way women think and speak about themselves and others.

4 Star Prayer Warriors – A Network of People committed to pray for and support our troops, first responders and their leadership.

Angie is a native Texan, Navy veteran and Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. She just celebrated 25 years of marriage to her husband Michael who she met while in the Navy, they have 3 children and 2 grandchildren as well as several other bonus kids who call them family!