DIVAS Impact to beat the COVID-19 Isolation blues.

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I don’t know about you but sitting around the house napping, eating and watching mindless hours of TV makes you start to feel like mush. While I know some that are out there making amazing healthy meals, there are also some of us (yes me included) who are making poor choices. Please know I am not trying to tell you to live a step-ford wife life, but I do care enough for you to remind you to be intentional with each day. Don’t let bedtime come and you wonder where the day went while you sat there eating a box of cereal and watching hours of Netflix. 

Here are some things I learned from my Doctor and fitness friends even before COVID-19 became a household name. 

  1. Holding to a routine helps you stay even keeled when circumstances change. For those who are up early during the week know this to be true because their body wakes them up early on the weekends too! So wake up and get up, and start your day! 
  2. Being outside helps to lift your emotional well-being, grounding yourself with the earth is healthy. Go sit on the patio or porch, take a walk, ride your bike, work in the yard, being outside even during allergy season will lift your spirits more than you realize. 
  3. Movement of the body externally helps things internally move. (Yes, movement helps you poop, I said it!) Plus the longer you sit still and more sedentary you become the harder it will be to get going again when it is time. 
  4. Leaders are Readers, so if you are to lead your home, you need to be reading, choose wisely! Read a novel, or self-help book, want some suggestions just let me know. Sadly it is my opinion that reading Facebook, the News and Conspiracy theory could very well be detrimental to your health. 
  5. Reading the Bible is encouraging and opens your eyes to see yourself and your fellow man through our heavenly Father’s eyes (This is my shameless plug to go listen to Amy Grant’s Father’s Eyes song – oldie but goodie)
  6. When looking at data a common term is garbage in, garbage out, same goes for mental, emotional, and physical care of your body, mind and spirit. Be mindful of what you are consuming mentally, how it is making you feel emotionally, and how your body is processing the food you are eating. 
  7. Keep yourself aware that all those posts you are scrolling thru on FB are people, real live people. Reach out and be kind, send a private message and let them know you see them and are thinking about them. 

I knew I needed to self-discipline so I made a fun little chart that I have laminated and keep in my home office as a reminder to get these things done daily. I have shared it with a few friends to challenge us each day, and reward ourselves too! I am including a copy of it here in this post for you to print off and use. If you don’t have a laminator that is ok, you can put it in a sheet protector, use some saran wrap and tape it over the paper on the fridge or just print out a copy for each week. Get the Challenge Chart Here

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Angie Leigh Monroe is an International Speaker, Strategist, and Consultant whose expertise guides people to identify and obliterate obstacles. Her innovate approach will ALIGN you with strategic partnerships, ACTIVATE your purpose and CALIBRATE your potential to encounter even more opportunities. She a has founded: Angie Leigh Monroe, Inc is the parent company for her consulting and speaking business as well as her legacy projects. D.I.V.A.S. Impact - Empowers and Equips a global community of women change-agents making a positive impact in the world we live in. Veteran DIVAS – Which Empowers and Equips veteran women as they tackle the next big thing in their lives. Warrior DIVAS | Real Talk for Real Women Podcast - Dedicated to empowering and equipping women all across the globe to ensure each woman knows her worth and how to walk boldly and confidently in all areas of her life! A show for DIVAS who are defining their purpose, inspiring others, from a point of victory, and accountability as we build a strong, powerful sisterhood of women who are willing to be vulnerable in order to help another sister RISE! Angie is a native Texan, Navy veteran and Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. This year she celebrates 27 years of marriage to her husband Michael who she met while in the Navy, they have 3 children and 2 grandchildren as well as several other bonus kids who call them family!