Angie Leigh Monroe,

CEO & Founder, DIVAS Impact


Thank you so much for checking out DIVAS Impact!

This has been a labor of love over a decade in the making. This women’s magazine is so much more than the articles it contains. It is about building a community of women who can encourage and support each other by being EXACTLY who they are created to be!

Yes, my team and I all come from a faith based background and you will see many of our articles will be sharing from our faith experiences. With that being said, I want you to realize this is not your normal churchy magazine. As a matter of fact, we don’t want to be churchy at all!

Many women I know have walked through some pretty dark times. Times when they needed someone who could shine a light into their darkness and walk them out to a safe place. That is the exact purpose of DIVAS impact!

We want to have discussions about things that you may never have felt comfortable discussing in a church setting for fear of being rejected and shamed. We are going to go places that Jesus went that many churches are not!

Our articles, and discussions will be about how to achieve victory, not live a life as a victim.

We need each and every woman you know to join forces with us,we are looking to make a global impact. The difference you make in the life of the woman right in front of you might be all it takes to stop the heinous acts against women oversees or across town.

If you are a woman with a Destiny, who loves to be Inspired (& Inspire others), maybe you have been a victim but now you are Victorious, then help us hold other women Accountable to be all they are created to be, and join our Sisterhood!