Recognize What is Within You

Ladies, we have all been in situations that can define us, label us, transform us, break us, humble us and even lift us up. Life is such that it loves to throw us curve balls. And as women, we have to not only recognize our place in the universe, but we have to learn to understand it.

As children, we learn how to please others … our parents, our grandparents, our teachers, our coaches. We believe in fairytales and unicorns. We grow up looking for prince charming and the wonderful castle he lives in. But alas, along the way, we find out that life is not perfect. We learn that our homes are not perfect. There is no perfect job, no perfect child, no perfect family and no perfect parents. And to be sure, we are all far from perfect.

Unfortunately, life never seems to turn out the way we think it should. We tend to get overwhelmed with insignificant things. We become judgmental and self-centered. We can become smug and irrespective of our spouses. We begin to feel superior, and we forget that there are times when we should walk away without speaking.

The truth is, however; we often let pride get in the way and we attack. As women, we frequently put up with mental abuse, and then we turn around and throw it right back. What many of us forget is that in order for peace to exist, it is often more prudent to make no noise at all. As women, we all have a dynamic power within us to use our voices when prudent and then to do what we are called to do.

We all have gifts inside that the world is waiting to see. These gifts, your callings are preordained. You just need to dig deep inside and find out what is really inside of you. Understand that you can do better; you can be better. You can set your boundaries, lift yourself up and in doing so lift up those around you.

Ask yourself what you think your greatest gift is. What are you genuinely passionate about? Do you want to paint? Do you want to teach? Do you want to write? Do you want to be a nurse?  Do you like to cook? Whatever you are yearning for, do not dismiss it. Do not stop growing and evolving into the strong, independent woman you are destined to be.

As strong women, we have everything we need inside and out to become awesome mothers and passionate partners to those we have married. We can care for ourselves and for all things around us. We have all been tired, worn out, damaged and sickened. But the great thing is, we have the ability to slow down and seek the change we need to make a lasting impression on this life we live.

Today, you have the ability to put yourself on the path you were destined to follow. In truth, once you reach down inside to find your true calling, you will realize that the things in your world will never be the same again. You will never be the same again. In truth, your gifts belong to the world. To be sure, the task before you is great, but the benefits you gain will be even greater.

You have a choice to live in a trapped existence or to thrive in glory. You can choose to live in passion, live with purpose and live in love. Recognize that where you are must change. Seek out the ever-changing world and live in joy. Choose to dig deep inside yourself and bring light where there has been darkness. Surround yourself with peace. Remember that everything you do is infinitely important.

As women, we can recognize our own problems and troubled attitudes. We can learn to accept our problems as assets. Because through adversity, we can find opportunities. We can seek God’s guidance to bring us through our darkest hours. We can persevere, learn to give grace to those around us and achieve victory for all of the tomorrows ahead of us. What we give to the world will inspire and encourage those whom we work with, live with, and love.

To learn more about recognizing what’s within you, tune into Warrior Divas, Podcast 9.


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