Setting Yourself Up for Success

You know, as women we often get side-tracked with our everyday lives. Raising children, helping our husbands climb their own corporate ladders and working at our own jobs. Taking care of our parents, helping out the PTA, volunteering at church. Supporting your child’s sports activities, cooking, cleaning, and going to Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and piano lessons. We are like those squirrels in our yards that never seem to have a real plan or direction.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about here. We tend to put our own hopes and dreams on the back burner for those we love and care for. We are busy. We are so immersed in everyday life that we forget about the things that really motivate us. We forget about our own goals and what our own purpose is. We stagnate.

In short, we are not in alignment with what our true purposes in life may be. We have forgotten what truly motivates us. This is the point where you can ask yourself what really motivates you. Ask yourself if you are the person holding yourself back from your goals. Do you surround yourself with friends who hold you back or push you forward toward positive growth?

Maybe you have a yearning deep inside to start your own business or write a book or sell crafts. Years ago, I wanted to start my own advertising agency, but I was scared and doubted myself. But along the way, I discovered that my goal had value. It was important to me. It was a powerful goal, and it motivated me to find a way to make it happen.

In truth, it became a high priority for me. It was worthwhile to me. It was something that became an “I must do this,” or I will feel like a failure situation. It was a dream that became my major desire and goal. I was focused on accomplishing my goal. And I focused on my own talents, the talents of those I wanted to join me in this venture, and created a plan to obtain the resources I needed to make this happen.

It isn’t always simple to get started on the right path for your own success. It can be stressful. It can be overwhelming. It can make you want to just go to bed and cover up your head. But, it is a journey worth taking, because life is too short for us to ignore our hopes and dreams. You can align yourself with those who will help you and push you forward when you just want to give up.

Ladies, we have the ability to think beyond where we are and achieve our highest dreams. We can and should think big. Think beyond today. Look to the future. What does that look like to you? Are you truly inspired and focused? Do you have people in your life who push you toward greatness? Do you have the assets you need to actually achieve your goals or start your own business? Do you have the correct strategy to achieve your professional, financial and spiritual goals?

Goal setting and getting on the right path to success is so much more than just wishing something would happen. You actually have to stand up, dust off your boots, put on your big girl pants and make something happen. You have to set attainable goals. You have to write down your plan and stick to it. You have to surround yourself with friends who will see your potential and help you get there.

Ask yourself today if your dreams, your goals are worthwhile? Are they motivating? Does it spiritually move you? Are you actually setting goals that have the highest importance in your life? Will it be important to everyone? Are your goals smart and will they benefit others?

It is important to align yourself within all the areas of your life. Find a way to move along a path that sets you up for the accomplishments you are seeking. Figure out what it is you are truly called to do. Find your purpose. Go where you really want to go. Set yourself up for success. The biggest danger you face is falling into lethargy and doubt. Believe in your dreams! Believe in yourself! Do not be lukewarm when it comes to your goals! Aspire to those things that motivate you and give you purpose. Let your heart sing!

Today and everyday have a plan to move forward and lift up yourself with self-confidence. And rely on your faith to move you forward to do what you are truly called to do.

To learn more about how to set yourself up for success, tune into Warrior Divas, Podcast 10, Align, Activate and Calibrate.


  1. Great articles. Set your goals then make them happen (no matter the timeframe).

    1. Woot Woot!

  2. Hits right where I am.
    I let the immediate drown out the important.

    On with the dream chasing!

    1. No, my friend, you are on to Dream Catching!

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