Why You Should Attend the Unmasked Conference

Here’s a couple reasons why you should attend the DIVAS Impact Unmasked Conference in October!

1. Expand Your Comfort Zone!
We grow in courage and bravery when we step out of the ordinary! Getting uncomfortable stretches us, brings us closer to God and makes us better people. A conference is an adventure that stretches you in many ways such as talking with multiple strangers and facing parts of ourselves we don’t want to face.

2. See the World Through a New Vantage Point!
When life become routine, days can become monotonous and our personal growth stagnant. Conference speakers can offer a new spin on truth offer you a meaningful viewpoint from which to grow!

3. Expand your Circle of Friends! 
Everyone has a story to inspire others with and hearing the testimonies of others can challenge and push us in amazing ways. Also…who couldn’t benefit from a new friend?

4. Deepen Your Relationship With God!
Conferences are the perfect setting for seeking, learning and blossoming into the daughter God has called you to be. Conferences brings out the best in us as we focus more on following God’s will, and less on ourselves.

If you haven’t already registered for the upcoming Divas Conference, Unmasked, do it today. It’s going to be fantastic! Mark your calendars for October 11th and 12th and join us in Euless, Texas for a truly unique weekend filled with positive thoughts and ideas. You’ll learn how to dream bigger, to value yourself more, and most important – how to take off all those masks we hide behind. To learn more about Unmasked please visit DivasImpact.com/Unmasked. We are excited to meet you!